Sweet Raffle

The most popular fundraiser among children: sweet raffleThis is a rather nifty little idea for schools who wish to run a fundraiser. This is because it is not too difficult to run, and the majority of children will be very likely to take part in this type of fundraiser. Let me walk you through how a sweet raffle works.

The premise is rather simple; the idea is that each children will bring in a chocolate bar or sweet of their choice. It will then be taken off them and put into a hamper. Raffle tickets are then sold. Whoever draws the winning raffle ticket gets to take all of the chocolate and sweets! Many schools will take half of the chocolate and sweets in order to have them as some sort of runner’s up prize, although that is completely their choice. I do like the latter method as the more likely it seems that you are going to win, the more tickets people are willing to buy.

You only need to purchase some rather basic raffle tickets for this. You should be able to get them from most charity suppliers or even from your local supermarket. The drawer should be easy to carry out too. In terms of pricing of the tickets you have pretty much a free reign here. Do not price the tickets so high that it will be difficult to purchase multiple tickets though. You should put the price of each ticket somewhere in the region of a couple of chocolate bars. This is not too expensive and it will entice people to win.

I find that a sweet raffle tends to work best when it is part of a slightly larger event, although I know a few schools out there who will run them throughout the year in order to generate funds (they really do make a decent amount of cash). I prefer to go down the route of running them to the side of a clothes recycling fundraiser or a no uniform day. This way everybody can end up seeing the draw, which is really going to help out as people love to see whether their number is going to be called.

I suggest that you inform the parents well in advance of you running your sweet raffle. This is obviously so that you can be sure that the children are going to bring in the chocolates and the sweets that they need to on the selected day. It will also ensure that if the parents do have any complaints about you running a sweet raffle, and some will do so out of concerns for the health of their child, then you can easily discuss it with them. It really is not going to take a whole lot of planning and if you run things properly then you stand to make a rather sizeable amount of cash from your fundraising effort on the big day, and one child is obviously going to go home with a rather sizeable amount of chocolate and sweets (give it to them at the end of the day though!)