No Uniform Day Fundraiser

No uniform day explainedI have yet to find a school out there which does not run a non-uniform day each year. This is mostly down to the fact that children absolutely love them, and it can of course generate a rather significant amount of cash! On this page I am going to run you through how you can run your own no uniform day fundraiser.

So; what is a no uniform day? Well; it is exactly how it sounds! The children (and possibly teachers!), will pay to wear no uniform for the day. It is simple. They can wear whatever they want (with a few limitations at least). The amount of money that you ‘charge’ people to wear no uniform is up to you. However do bear in mind that you do not want to set it too high as the last thing you want is for people not being able to afford to come to school not wearing a uniform. 50p (if you are in the UK at least), is a pretty decent amount to charge as it is not too high and it should still generate a bit of money through your fundraiser.

It is important that you have some sort of guidelines in place when you are running your no uniform fundraiser. You do not wish for people to pushing the envelope too far with regards to their clothes. This means that you may wish to put minimum limits on the length of skirt, and say no to offensive t-shirts and the like. You should also encourage people not to wear their best clothing to school as it is likely that it will end up getting damaged, or at least there is a risk that it will end up being damaged.

No uniform days are actually quite fun. I find that many of the schools that have run one as part of their fundraising efforts will end up with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. The children will almost certainly be a lot better behaved. It can be tempting to run them fairly often for this purpose! Do not run them too often though. The last thing you want is to be running them all of the time. It sort of ruins the specialness of the day.

It is important that you tell people quite far in advance that you are having a no uniform day at the school. This means that, hopefully at least, nobody will forget about it and everybody comes in wearing their normal clothes (it will feel awful to be the only person in a uniform on one of these days!). These events tend to work better in conjunction with other fundraising efforts. For example; there are a few schools out there who will run a fare or bake sale the same time. It adds to the ‘feel good’ factor of not wearing uniform for that day. As ever though; the choice is yours with regards to how you want to be running the event.

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