Lollipop Fundraising

How to set up lollipop fundraising eventWhen it comes to lollipop fundraising you have a lot of options at your disposal. On this page I want to walk you through a few of the ways in which you can make money through the power of lollipops.

  • Perhaps the quickest lollipop fundraising method is to sell the lollipops. You can buy them from many charity organizations nowadays. If you are at a school then you can sell them during lunch breaks or something like that. If you are going to be selling lollipops then try and purchase some that are of a decent quality and that people would like to buy from you otherwise you will not sell many of them. In short; steer clear of cheap lollipops. If you are running a fair then you may even wish to set up a few lollipops for sale on the refreshment stand in order to make an additional amount of cash.
  • You could even turn your lollipop fundraising into a bit of a game. For example; you could get a piece of Styrofoam with holes in it. A few of the lollipops will have their sticks coloured. The lollipops can then be placed into the board. The idea is that somebody will come and pay to draw a lollipop from the board. If their stick is coloured then they win a prize (the prize is completely up to you), if there is no lollipop coloured stick then they still walk away with a lollipop. It is a win-win situation really!
  • If you are running an open-air event then you may want to look into a lolly hoopla. The idea is that you stick some lollies in the grass (preferably fairly large ones). People then need to pay to try and throw hoops around the lollipop. If they manage to get hoop around it then they win a prize! You will be surprised at how many people will pay to have a go at trying to win, particularly if you are only charging a nominal price to play the game.
  • Selling candy bars door to door? Well; if you can get hold of some gourmet lollipops then you may even want to sell those door to door too. You will not sell as many gourmet lollipops as you would candy bars, but you should still make a decent amount of cash from them, particularly as once somebody orders a candy bar they may be tempted to buy something else too.

I am not going to lie to you here; profit margins on lollipops will not be high. This means that you are going to need to sell a decent amount in order to generate a decent return for your school or organization. That being said; they do not cost a whole lot to buy either and they keep rather well. This means a bulk purchase of lollipops could last you a year or two when it comes to fundraising, which is always going to be a plus!

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