Colouring Wall

Colouring wall fundraiserBefore we begin I want to note that a colouring wall fundraiser is not going to make you a whole lot of cash sadly. In short; you can’t use this as the sole way in which to make money for your school. That being said, a colouring wall fundraiser will make you a rather decent return if used in conjunction with other fundraising methods. We will take a little look at those soon though.

So; what is a colouring wall fundraiser?

Well; the idea is that you have a wall set up. Children (or adults!) can then pay to come and decorate that wall. They will be supplied with a small amount of paper that they can decorate however they wish, although a few organisations may have a few set themes in mind for the wall, once the work is complete they can stick it up on the wall. The fee that is charged to do this is rather nominal, but if you can get a decent number of children decorating the wall then there is a good chance that you can make a decent return on it.

As I mentioned previously; a colouring wall fundraiser will not work as an event on its own. It does not have the pull to do that. What it will work well as however is as part of another event that you may be running. For example; you may be running a fair or clothes collection for a school or your organisation. You can then have the colouring wall as an additional stall at the fair to make a bit of money. It is likely that you will draw in a considerable number of people that way. If you keep the price low then many parents will want to leave their children to decorate their piece of paper whilst they go walk and around and do whatever they please.

Setting up a colouring wall is not all that difficult. All you need is some paper and some artwork materials. I suggest that you opt for pencils, coloured card, paint, and maybe even a few arts and crafts supplies such as ribbons and the like. This will really allow the children to get creative when they decorate their piece of paper. Don’t forget to get the child to sign their piece of paper at the end so the whole world knows who decorated the wall!

So; what can you do with the colouring wall when done?

Well; you could either give it away as a prize, which is quite often done. Or you could simply hang it up in the school or the main location of the organisation that you are running. It is going to look absolutely fantastic. If you are hanging it up in the school then parents are going to love looking at it too, particularly if their child’s art work can be found on it. That being said; you may come up with a completely different way to share the wall!