Children’s Art Exhibition

children's art exhibition method to raise fundsThe idea of a children’s art exhibition as a fundraising tool is an idea that I have always loved. This is in part down to the fact that not only will it drive a decent amount of cash towards the school, but if done correctly it will also boost the reputation of the school (people love artistic students). It is also a fantastic activity for the children to take part in. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about fundraising using children’s artwork.

Your first concern is going to be the art work that you display at your exhibition. This is going to vary drastically from school to school. For example; if your school caters to older students then you may wish to only go down the route of showcasing art work created by the most talented of artists. If your school is for the younger generation then you may be able to showcase art work from all ages. Do make sure that you pick and choose which art work is on display. Try to get as much up there as possible!

My suggestion is to let children have free reign with the art work that they create. This is in part down to the fact that you want a good mixture of art work on display. Of course; the best art comes from the soul and thus the children should not get guidelines. Remember; art work is not just painted pictures and the like. It can cover sculptures and a whole lot more.

The majority of children’s art exhibitions will be held in the comfort of the school. If you have slightly better art work on display from some of the older students however then you may wish to go down the route of hiring a bit more of a prestigious location. I am sure that there is a hall or two that you can rent in the local area.

The majority of the cash from the art exhibition will come from charging people an entrance fee to enter the display area. It is however worth noting that you may struggle to find people who come to look even though their child’s art is on display. This is why you should look for other ways in which to make money on the night. For example; you may wish to serve refreshments or something similar, perhaps organising bake sale on the same day . I have also seen a few art exhibitions not be a single event. They tend to be found as part of another larger event that the school is holding. It then charges a separate entrance fee just for the art exhibition. You may be able to draw in a few additional patrons this way.

Art exhibitions may not make a lot of cash. However they are a great deal of fun to put together not only for the organisers but for each and every child who is ‘competing’ to have their art work put on display.

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