Car Wash

great way to raise funds for school through a car washA car wash is without a doubt one of the most popular ways for many organisations to raise funds nowadays. After all; most people own cars, and the vast majority of them are going to want to have their cars washed on occasion.

On this page I am going to take a little peek at how you can run a successful car wash and hopefully raise a good amount of cash for your school.

Before we begin it is worth thinking a little bit about the price that you wish to charge for your car wash.

I have my own opinion on this one. The vast majority of people out there will charge a price for their car wash which is fixed. This is absolutely fantastic. By having a fixed price (try to keep it low whilst ensuring you are able to make a decent income), you are going to be opening yourself up to also accepting donations from kind locals. There are a few organisations out there who seem to think that the best route to go down is to run a car wash with no price at all. They seem to think that most people will donate if they can’t make up a price. Trust me; they will not. Sure; you may stumble across a few kind hearted strangers from time to time, but the majority of time people will try and get away with paying as little for the car wash as possible.

It is important that you choose the right location for your car wash fundraiser. You want to choose a place which has easy access to water (obviously), but also has enough space for many cars to be washed at once. For example; if you are running a car wash fundraiser for your school then the school car park may be fine. If you are running a car wash fundraiser for a different organisation then you may wish to see whether your local supermarket will allow you to use a small section of theirs. Most supermarkets will love to look as though they are supporting a charity. I have seen a few car wash fundraisers actually be held in a private driveway too.

It is important that you try to advertise your car wash as far in advance as possible. The majority of people that turn up at your car wash will have heard of you through ‘word of mouth’, so make sure that you get the word out there. Make sure that all of the volunteers spread the news that you are running a car wash. If you are a dab hand at public relations then you may even wish to get in touch with the local media. Most news organisations love to cover ‘events’ in the local area!

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