Candy Bar

Candy Bar fundraising eventCandy Bar fundraising isn’t as popular in the United Kingdom as it is in the United States, but it is certainly something which has gathered a lot of traction over the past couple of years. On this page I want to walk you through the idea of a Candy Bar Fundraiser, and perhaps more importantly; how it can benefit your organisation.

The idea of a candy bar fundraiser is that you sell candy bars (obviously). They are especially popular amongst schools and organisations which involve children. This is because it gives children the opportunity to go out there and sell candy bars. The candy bars will either be sold directly or the children will distribute brochures where the customer is able to place an order. The organisation will then get all of the profits from the order.

How to Make the Most out of Candy Bar Fundraiser?

One of the wonderful things about a candy bar fundraiser is the fact that it can bring in quite a decent amount of cash without too much hassle at all. People are reluctant to give straight donations to an organisation, but if they are getting something in return then they are much more likely to do so. Almost everybody out there likes candy bars and thus you should have next to no issues in selling them.

Candy Bar fundraisers work remarkably well as a form of ‘competition’. The idea is that whoever is able to shift the most candy bars in their selected area gets a prize at the end of the day. You may want a couple of prizes on offer, just so that one person with a ‘rich’ family does not get everything. I always find those to be sort of unfair. Children will absolutely love the competition and it will really give them the drive to go out there and sell as many candy bars as possible. The children will have fun, and you will be bringing in a whole lot more money for your organisation. It is however worth noting that you do not wish to ‘push’ people too much with the selling of candy bars. You may wish to have set areas for each person to work on when it comes to selling. This is mainly down to the fact that if a person is asked over and over again whether they wish to purchase a candy bar then this will end up putting your organisation in a bad light. This is obviously not going to be ideal.

Getting started with your candy bar fundraiser is going to be dreadfully simple. There are a number of companies online who can offer candy bars for you to sell nowadays. Do make sure that you choose a top company though. After all; if you are going to be selling candy bars then you actually want them to be edible to whoever receives them! It helps to protect your reputation. Do as much research as possible into this and read reviews. I am sure you will not have that many issues.

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