Bake Sale

Bake sale fundraising idea explainedBake sale fundraisers are carried out around the world. The majority of charities and organisations out there would have carried out a bake sale at least once. Why? Well; because they can generate a rather significant amount of cash. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about holding a bake sale for your own fundraising efforts.

Bake sales as a fundraising method are incredibly popular for a few different reasons. First and foremost; they are actually fairly easy to set up, and for the most part there will be very little in the way of financial outlay on your part. The majority of cakes will be made by volunteers and thus everything you make that day is going to be almost pure profit. You will also find that a lot of people will socialise at these events, and that means that they will be hanging around for a lot longer and that should hopefully mean more money in your pocket!

Organise Bake Sale Fundraiser Whenever You Like!

One of the most beautiful things about running a bake sale is the fact that you can run them whenever you want. Sure; the majority of people out there will set up a special event strictly for the bake sale, but there may be a few people who go as far as to ‘piggy back’ on other events. For example; if you are running a fundraising fare for your organisation then you may want to have a small bake sale there. You may even be able to jump onto other events run by other organisations. I am sure that you will have a few fares running in the local area who will jump upon the opportunity of having a bake sale being run.

It is important that you advertise your bake sale as far in advance as possible. This is because you want to make sure that you will end up with a lot of cakes to sell. I suggest at least a couple of months in advance. This will give people enough notice. Remember; you do not want to just be selling cakes and other baked goods at your bake sale. If you really want to make a lot of money then you should sell drinks (both hot and cold ones!) too. This will really get people spending money at your bake sale stall and hopefully this will end up with a ton of cash for you and your organisation.

Remember; do not overprice the bake sale goods. Sure; it can be great to make a ton of money on one slice of cake, however overpriced goods will not sell. If you wish to sell a ton of them then you are going to need to charge a lower price. Trust me; if you go down that route then it is likely that you will end up making a whole lot more money in the long run!

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