Charity Walks

Charity walks fundraiser can attract a high number of peopleCharity Walks are incredibly common nowadays. I am sure you would not have to look far in your local area to find one running in the near future. This is in part down to the fact that charity walks are incredibly easy to organise. In addition to this; they are so easy to complete that they are easy to entice people to enter. On this page I am going to walk you through how you can run a charity walk as a fundraiser.

Now; it is worth knowing that on this page I am mainly going to be talking about charity walks as a sort of group event. You can however also run solo charity walks. These can be especially popular when the person in question is going to be hiking a lot of miles (e.g. up a mountain) or something like that. These people tend to collect their own sponsorships and donate to an organisation of their choice. Organisations generally do not run solo charity walks.

Whilst you can opt for a bland walk or something like that, I find that they are ton more fun when they are run as a ‘fun walk’. This could perhaps mean that you encourage people to wear costumes and the like. The reason as to why they work so well like this is down to the fact that they are ‘eye catching’. People will take note of you and this can make it easy to collect donations along the way. Don’t forget to have a couple of people out there shaking some buckets to attract those donations! You can have a theme to your event (my favoured method), or you can just opt to ask anybody to wear whatever they want.

Let People Know About Your Charity Walks in Advance

It is important that you tell people about your charity walk as far in advance as possible. You should also distribute some sponsorship forms for them to fill in. The idea of the sponsorship form is for the entrant to write down who is sponsoring them and for how much. Not all people will end up paying sadly, but it will still give you a general idea of how much you will make on the day. You can either opt to have an entrance fee for the event (make it a nominal amount), or you could just collect sponsorships. Go with whatever option you prefer.

The Day of the Walk Should be Well Organised

If you have tons of people turning up then it may do you good to inform the police beforehand. This way they can keep an eye out for you and make sure that you do not pose a risk on the roads and the like. Your route should be carefully planned. It doesn’t need to be long. Some of the most popular fundraising charity walks involve walking just a couple of miles, sometimes even less! You obviously do not want to make your walk so strenuous that many people will not want to enter in it.

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