Car Wash

car wash fundraising ideaCar washes have been an incredibly popular way for organisations to make money for a good few years now. This is in part down to the fact that not only are they easy to organise but they can also bring in a rather healthy sum of cash too. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about raising money through the power of a car wash fundraising effort.

Firstly; you are going to need to decide where you want your car wash to take place. This is incredibly important. The right location will bring in a wealth of custom. The wrong location will result in absolutely zero. You will also want a fairly large place so you can handle many cars at once. If you are organising for a school then the school playground may be fine. If you are organising for your charity then you may wish to talk to the local supermarket about using their car park. In other cases, particularly if you fundraising efforts are going to be smaller, you may want to start looking into people washing cars in the comfort of their own drive way. Whatever location you choose; make sure you have access to a fairly decent water supply.

Advertise in Advance

It is important that you advertise your car wash in advance. Perhaps the best way in which you can let people know is through word of mouth. This may not bring in a whole lot of custom though. Instead you may want to look into distributing flyers, selling vouchers before the event so people can pay in advance for the car wash, or even try and get local media to discuss you. You will need to look a little into PR if you wish to go down the latter route, but most local media should be fairly supportive of local organisations and thus you should not have too much trouble here.

What Equipment Do I Need to Organise a Car Wash?

For the car wash fundraising method you will need a bit of equipment to get started. A hose pipe, buckets, and some cloths are a must. You will then want to top this off with some car cleaning equipment such as car shampoo and the like. You will need a ton of volunteers who do not mind getting wet either. I suggest each of them starts to look into a decent guide online when it comes to car cleaning to make sure that they do a fantastic job!

Payment Advice

In terms of payment for your car wash fundraising you can go down any route you want. I suggest that you go down the route of a ‘set price’ and then people can pay more than that if they wish. There are a few organisations out there who do not have a ‘set price’ and are mainly ‘pay what you want’. This is not a good method as you will get people who will not pay anything or will simply pay a nominal amount for the service and that will not earn you anything.

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