Charity Fundraising Ideas

Looking to raise money for a charity that you run? Well; as you may know, raising money for charities nowadays is immensely difficult. However; I am sure that more than one of the ideas on this page will go a long way towards bringing in a big amount of cash for you.

Our Top 10 Charity Fundraising Ideas That Work

1. Unwanted Clothing Collection

The most common charity fundraising ideasOut of all of the methods on this charity fundraising ideas list, unwanted clothes collection is without a doubt one of my favourites simply for the fact that is so incredibly easy to organize. In fact; the most effort that you are going to need to put in when offering an unwanted clothing collection and recycling service is to make a quick phone call. There is nothing else required.

This method, as you can probably guess from the name, involves the recycling of clothing. The idea is that you tell people that you are offering this service. They will then come in on a designated day and drop off any old clothes that they no longer wish to have. You then give the clothing collection company a call; they will then come to your property and pick up the clothing. They will take the clothing away, weigh it, and then send you a cheque back based upon the weight of the clothing that you donated.

One of the most brilliant things about unwanted clothing collection and recycling is the fact that you do not actually need to invest any cash to get it working properly. You just need to tell people to bring in clothing. The only money you will really need to spend is on the phone call to get it collected, and that is obviously not going to be a whole lot of cash out of your pocket. This means that you can look forward to a huge amount of profit being generated for your charity. Do make sure that you choose the right unwanted clothing collection and recycling charity though. The last thing you want is to get an unfair price for your clothes, right? After all; you are a charity and it is likely that you will wish to maximize all potential revenue streams.

Read more about clothing collection fundraiser and how it works

2. 50-50 Raffle

A 50-50 raffle is not like your standard type of raffle. There are no physical prizes on offer here (what you would traditionally get from a raffle). You will instead be dishing out cash. As you can probably guess from the name; 50% of the cash will go to the winner of the raffle, and 50% of the cash will go to your charity.

This fundraising method tends to work best when you are at an even that you are running already. Most people will not run a raffle otherwise simply because it would require far too much effort. You could of course try and sell the tickets and then do the draw within the comfort of your own home and then try and get in touch with the winners, but this is not something which tends to sell that many tickets.

The reason as to why this is a brilliant idea for making money is the fact that people love cash. If the prize on offer is big, and it will be if you sell a few tickets, then they will be more than willing to part with their cash to give it a go. You will also find that many people out there will buy more tickets as they believe that it increases their chances of winning the pot. They may not have that much of a bigger chance of course, but their desire for money will win through.

You could of course always go down the route of physical prizes, but the actual purchase of the physical prize, providing they are not donated of course, will mean that you will be eating into your profits and that is not good (obviously!) Read more about 50-50 Raffle

3. Bingo Night

Bingo night fundraiserThink of a Bingo Night as being along the same lines as the 50-50 raffle. 50% of the money that you bring in can go towards the prizes, and 50% of the money can go towards your charity.

I absolutely love the idea of a bingo night for fundraising efforts simply because people tend to have a whole lot of fun during them. There is also a number of ways in which you can make money from the bingo night. For example; you could take profit from food and drink sold on the night. This means more money for your charity!

If you really wish to take your fundraising efforts to the next level then you may even want to combine your bingo night with a good 50-50 raffle. If you run the event well then you can look forward to a decent amount of profit that night. Find out more about how to organise Bingo Night

4. Car Wash

Next up is the good old ‘car wash’. This seems to be a staple amongst many charity organization’s fundraising efforts nowadays. Yes; it will take a bit of time to get working, and you will probably need to advertise a lot, but people absolutely love having their vehicle cleaned and thus it should be able to generate a rather decent amount of profit for your charity.

You can either go down the route of having ‘fixed’ prices for your car wash or ask people to donate whatever they wish. I tend to prefer a combination of the two because if you get people paying whatever they want then you are bound to get a few who do not wish to pay anything for the service. You may be best off with a fixed price and then ask people to donate whatever they wish on top of it. This is the method which tends to generate the most profit for people! Find out how to organise a cash wash

5. Charity Head Shave

This is again something which tends to be a staple amongst charities nowadays. The idea of this, as you can probably guess from the name, is to get people who wish to ‘shave’ their head to collect sponsorships. They then shave off their hair and collect the money for it. There is potential to make a bit of extra cash from this too…albeit not a lot. There are a few companies out there nowadays who will pay for hair and the like. You could sell it on. Every little helps after all. If you still want to help charity then there are a few out there who make wigs for those in need of them due to a disability or other condition. Most of these will be willing to take on the hair that you collect!

This is a decent method, but you may find a lack of people who are actually willing to shave off their heads. To me there is a lot of work to do in order to generate not a whole lot in the way of profit. That being said; a good charity head shave may be ideal as part of another type of event that you are holding. Read more about charity head shave

6. Charity Walks with a Difference

The difference here can be anything that you want! For example; you may want to do a short walk in the middle of the night, an all-male or all-female walk, or even a costumed walk with a theme (or no theme at all!).

These events tend to bring in a rather hefty sum of cash and you will most likely have noticed just how many larger charities out there nowadays are running this type of event. It is something that really does work. It is likely that it will require a bit of effort on your part to get the initial sign-ups for your event however. Learn more about charity walks

7. Fundraising Auction

Raise funds for your charity through fundraising auctionNext up is the fundraising auction. I am sure the majority of charities out there know the ‘drill’ here. The idea is that you ask for gifts to be donated by companies in the local area (this is actually more difficult to do then you may think, particularly if you are a relatively unknown charity). You then have people bid on the items at a special event. The items tend to be rather unique (gift experiences and the like), and they tend to generate a rather substantial amount of interest as a result.

This is a method which you could potentially make a decent amount of profit on. You do however have to realize that actually getting the items that you will be putting up for auction is something which is far easier said than done. This means that this may only be a route that you want to go down if you are a slightly more established charity. You can however go down this route if you are willing to purchase the items that are being put up for auction, but that of course is going to eat into your profits.

Just like most of the other methods on this list; there is potential to make a considerable amount of cash during the event if you maximize all potential revenue streams. This means selling food and drink. Read more about fundraising auction

8. Plant Sale

Nothing more can be said about this really. With a plant sale you just sell plants (fruit plants, vegetables plants, or just beautiful flowers). This is something which tends to work best during the summer months when people are actively working on their gardens.

This is of course a fund raising effort that may actually take a little while to set up simply because the market for plants is going to be relatively small. I find that the idea of a plant sale as a fundraising effort tends to work a whole lot better if you are selling plants as part of a slightly larger event. If you are not doing that then you may not end up generating the amount of cash that you want to generate. Find out more about plant sale fundraiser

9. Street Charity Collections

Charity fundraising through street collectionsThis is a ‘tried and tested’ method for charities around the globe. The idea is that you just stand outside and collect donations.

The brilliant part about this method is that quite often you will have an opportunity to inform people a little bit more about your charity. This could in turn lead them to being an active donator. You do however have to realize that there are laws in place for street charity collections. You will need to get in touch with your local government to see whether this is actually something you are legally able to do in the local area (read more here).

Remember; try not to fall into the trap that other charities out there seem to fall into. If somebody has indicated that they do not wish to donate then do not try to rope them into it. This is just going to irritate them. If you are unlucky then that may end up turning them away from your charity for life. This could lead to a ton of missed donations…For more information please visit street collections explained

10. Winter Warmers or Cold Drinks in the Summer

The final method I wish to highlight is not one that will make you a whole lot profit (there is very little profit to be had on drinks), but it is something that will get people talking about your charity.

Remember; everybody loves gorgeously warm drink during the winter months, and just about everybody wants to be cooled-down by an ice cold drink in the summer months. You may want to run this type of fundraising effort alongside a few of your other charity fundraising ideas. I find selling warm drinks or cold drinks alongside a raffle or an auction could generate a rather significant amount of profit if you are lucky! Read more about winter warmers method