Benefits of Recycling

The main benefits of recycling and advantages of recycling listedSo; what are the actual benefits of recycling products? Well; that is what we are going to take a little look at in this section!

Financial Benefits

There are a number of different financial benefits to recycling. In fact; you will be surprised at how much cash you can make by getting rid of the things that you no longer need any more. For example; if you have an old mobile phone you may be able to get a decent amount for it. You will even find that you can make money on your old ink cartridges or by recycling used clothes and shoes. In some locations you may even get money back for recycling old cans and plastic items.

There is also a benefit to the local community when items are recycled. For example; if you recycle items through your local government then it is likely that they will end up selling the recycled items on. This will bring money into the local community and that may actually lead to a reduction in taxes…or at least more money to spend on improving the area.

In addition to this you save money purchasing recycled goods. A lot less effort goes into recycling items than it does into the creation of new ones. The majority of companies will be more than happy to pass these savings onto you!

Cuts Down on Natural Resource Consumption

There are only so many natural resources on this planet. When we have depleted them there is very little that we can do. Did you know that the creation of an aluminium can is roughly the same as six ounces of gasoline? That is a lot considering there is very little oil to go around as it is. It is said that in 2013, Americans threw away enough aluminium cans to cover about 15 million barrels of oil. This is a crazy figure. Obviously there is none of that associated with the recycling of a can…which is great!

This applies to pretty much all other materials that are harvested too. For example; if you recycle wood then there is less of a need for trees to be cut down etc. Again; this is going to have a positive impact on the planet in the long term (you only have to take a little peek at how much we are devastating the Amazon rainforest to see how bad logging actually is for the planet)

Cuts Down on Landfill Space Required

There is not a lot of space left in landfills nowadays. We have nowhere to put new landfills either. If people do not recycle then we are going to be stuck in the future (nobody wants a landfill in their back garden, right?). In addition to this; actually putting items into landfills is causing a ton of problems for this planet. For example; chemicals and the like leak out of the products which have been thrown into landfills. This can make the area completely uninhabitable for animals. In fact; there are plenty of species out there that have been wiped out simply because of landfill usage. We really can’t let that continue.

Better for the Environment Due to Less Pollution

The creation of items requires a lot of energy. In fact; you will be surprised at just how much energy is needed when it comes to manufacture. Not only do you have to harvest the products, but you need to take them to pollution generating companies, and then they have to be transported even further to the point of usage. When the product is finally not needed anymore there is a lot of energy required to dispose of it properly. This means either burning it or at least the transportation. All of this is sending a ton of pollution up into the atmosphere. This is contributing considerably to global warming. Most of this can be cut out if products are recycled properly. Not all stages are cut out, but recycling is carbon neutral (this means the negatives are cut out by the positives).

Recycling Creates Jobs

Did you know that recycling 10,000 tons of waste creates 36 jobs? Putting the same amount into a landfill will create six jobs, and incinerating the same amount creates one job. What is going to be better for the job economy? Find out how you can start recycling today.